Friday, 6 July 2012

Weekly Lusts #3 - Pandora Bracelet Collection ♥

I'm probably still one of the only people who don't own a Pandora bracelet, I'd love to add one to my collection of jewelry
 I was inspired when House Of Frasier got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to write a piece for them,
Of course I said yes, there's nothing I love more than a good old wishlist, which is just as good as window shopping. and I love writing these wishlist posts weekly.
Its my birthday in two weeks so lets hope the other half maybe spots this post and takes note :)

What I love about Pandora is there quirky charms and uniqueness and how you can make your very own bracelet to mark special occasions, an interest or something you love in the form of a charm.
I think there a fab idea to get as you can get the charms for your birthday, christmas, and anniversaries ect.

I've picked my favorite pieces and charms and what kind of bracelet I'd create if I had all the money in the world and a rich boyfriend of course:

All of these Pandora Charms and Bracelets are available to buy on the House Of Frasier Website 

1. 14ct Gold Dangle Butterfly Clip - £100.00
2. Sterling Silver Stiletto Dangle Charm - £35.00
3. Murano Glass And Sterling Silver Flower Charm - £30.00
4. Sterling Silver Dog Charm - £25.00
5. Sterling Silver Enamel Heart Charm - £40.00
6. Pandora Moments Bracelet £99.00
7. Cubic Zicornia open work heart charm - £30.00 
8. Sterling Silver Cat Charm - £25.00
9. Murano Glass And Sterling Silver Spot Charm - £30.00  
10. Sterling Silver 14ct Gold Rhinestone & Pink Cu -£235.00 
11. Sterling Silver Camera Charm - £30.00

What would be your favorites if you had all the money in the world??


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