Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Files Four Week Challenge ♥

I paint my nails religiously nearly everyday, i just get bored of the colour I'm wearing or if it doesn't look right with what I'm wearing i change it, or if i get a chip in my colour i have to repair it by starting all over again.
That and the ridiculous amounts of nail polish remover have seriously dried out my nails and I had to resort to cutting them every other day to stop them from splitting, and its actually getting on my nerves despite it being my fault - a girl has to paint her nails,

I eat healthy and take vitamins but I don't reken this is enough for me, so i went out and invested in this polish after reading about it in a beauty mag.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle - Salan Strengthener - RRP £9.99 at boots (currently on offer buy one get one half price) -

This is what Sally Hansen claims the product does - Taken from the Sally Hanson website,

Exclusive protein complex supports and protects nails so they can grow longer and stronger.
Soy Protein [binds moisture to nails], helping to strengthen and promote growth without brittleness.
Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and tearing.
Collagen and multi-vitamins help stimulate healthy nail growth.

To see if this product works - I hope it does, my nails only get past a certain point before they break.

I will do a weekly post and keep you updated on how well this product is working for me, so if anyone has the same problems as me can fix there nails too.

To do a start off post, I'll show you how the condition my nails are in at the minute - excuse how horrible they are - I'd just removed my polish so my nails were dry.

This is after one coat of Sally Hansen Nial Growth Miracle,

These are the finished nails - Week 1

You can wear your own nail colour over the top of this, as long as you use it as a base coat,

I will apply it two to three times a week and follow up next Tuesday,

Is this a post that would interest you bloggers?
Has anyone else tried this product too, what did you think of it?


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