Tuesday, 10 July 2012

So...? Sinful ♥

* A few months ago, So...? were asking for testers on twitter so i popped my name down to be a tester for a new upcoming product.
The lady who dealt with my application also kindly sent me this perfume after I told her what a huge fan of the brand I was, my favorite all time scent is So...? Kiss Me, 
I've bought it since I was 16 in school so I've been a fan for a while,

This scent has to be my second favorite, is a lovely fruity scent with a hint of strawberries and pineapple as well as Violet, Water Lily, Jasmine, with a rich Creamy Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Base.

Its quite strong smelling, so its one for you if you like stronger musky scents, i think it makes it perfect for nights on holiday and makes the perfect summer fragrance for me.
I also love the small handy size it comes in which makes it perfect to drop in your handbag and carry around with you.

Most perfume sets come with identical smelling body spray if you want a little refresher without having to use a perfume base.

My favorite thing about this perfume is that for the price, it is a scent that you can smell for quite a wile when you've applied it.

So...? have lots of gorgeous smelling perfumes, 

I've only tried,
So...? Kiss Me
So...? Sinful
So...? Eternal -  which reminds me a little of Ralph Lauren in the blue bottle.

But they are all gorgeous smelling scents at a budget friendly price which means you can buy them all :)

You can Purchase So..? products and gift sets through there website below
Is anyone else a fan of this brand like me?


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