Monday, 2 July 2012

Blog Of The Week ♥

Its always nice to share the love and I know I personally love it when I'm pointed in the direction of a new blog to read.
 I don't think the number of followers can determine how good someone writes, so i never think about that when I click the follow button.
Its all about not writing the same posts as everyone else and making your blog unique and your very own.

This will be a new feature of mine on my blog that i will try and keep up with every week, so keep your eyes peeled it could just be you on here.

So my first blog of the week goes to Claire over at her blog 

I love Claire Louise's blog, she's in my list of the one's i do go back to daily, she took a little break for a few months, i used to follow her old blog, but she's recently joined the blogger world once again with her new blog, I know myself  I can't go more than a week without feeling like part of my life is missing so i know how she must of felt.

Her blog is a little bit of everything which I love, she posts reviews on different products that everyone will love, her competition wins, i always love a good nosy at these, OOTD's, shopping hauls and a few personal posts thrown in.

She's a lovely girl and these comes across in her blog, and she's always comments back on her comments - i hate it when people don't reply, even if its just a thank you.

 Go and visit her and say hi and give her a follow, 

 I'll be back again next week with another fab blog to follow.


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