Monday, 30 July 2012

How I Spent My Week #6 ♥

I'm sorry for not doing one of these last week, I was going to do two but I've already shown you a few pictures from my birthday last week so I thought it was pointless repeating them.

| My Summery Outfit | Blink 182 Concert | My Revlon Win | Formby Beach | The Help |

My summery outfit - last week while we had that bit of sunshine, now we are back to that horrible rainy typical English weather.
I wore my pink palm tree print playsuit I got from Primark a few weeks ago in my Liverpool 1 haul which was in my post here, its such a gorgeous and girlie playsuit which was a bargain £6.00.

Blink 182 Concert - To look at me, you wouldn't assume Blink 182 are a band I listen to, but when i was about 16/17 I loved Blink 182 when they were at there biggest, so since they got back together and did a reunion tour I went with my fiance to watch them live, Mark Hoppus even came out to sign a few tickets and i got some fantastic pictures of him - even if my music taste has changed since them somehow, Blink 182 still have a place in my heart.

My Revlon Win - I was really happy when they announced the 100 winners of there lip butters competition and I got an email, a day later it came through my letter box and i have not stopped using it since, I was lucky to receive my favorite colour Sweet Tart.

Formby Beach - On Saturday we headed up to this beach for a picnic with two of our friends only for it to start pouring it down after sitting on the beach for half an hour - what a joke,
We ended up going to South port for an hour or two.
The moral of that story is, don't trust English weather, I went out wearing my playsuit when the sun was shining thinking it was going to be hot, only to spend the day freezing my butt off with no coat.

The Help - I watched this film on Saturday for the first time since its started showing on sky movies and I loved it, not only did it make me blub but it had such a moving story, this picture is one of the phrases from the film that actually got me at the end.
Its a fantastic film worth a watch and Emma Stone plays a fab actress.


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