Monday, 16 July 2012

How I Spent My Week #5 ♥

| Train Tickets | Birthday Cake | Trip To London | Nights Out | My Macbook |

I'm finally back after nearly a week without blogging, my Mac just suddenly died on my for no reason, so I had to pay for him to get a whole new bottom part, i was devastated as i thought I'd lost all my pictures and video's and of course I could not blog :(
He's fixed now and I'm so happy again.

Train Tickets - I'm meeting up with my gorgeous blogger girlies Rachel Crawford & Gerogina Balmer again on the 8th Aug at Meadow Hall, I've not seen them since Oct last year so it will be nice to meet them again and have a proper good catch up :)

Birthday Cake - It was my fiances birthday on Thursday, he's such a big kid at heart to i got him a Haribo birthday cake from Sainsbury's, its actually pretty yummy, its a bit weird eating a cake with jelly sweets on.

Trip To London - On Thursday, me and my fiance also drove up to London, we arranged to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which I really enjoyed :) - I'll do a post on that soon.
We were also meeting my fiances brother at Heathrow airport as he was coming home from Australia for two weeks.

Nights Out - We had a night out on Saturday night to celebrate mine and my fiances birthday, we went out at 10 and i didn't roll in till 5 in the morning, it was actually daylight when we got home.
Safe to say we all had a very good night!lol!

My Macbook - I'm so glad to have him back - enough said :)

All my pictures were taken using Instragram you can add me searching the name xxcharlottxx


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