Sunday, 8 July 2012

How I Spent My Week #4 ♥

|Treating My Spoilt Cat|Painting|My New Love|Retail Therapy|My Gel Bath|

Treating My Spoilt Cat - A few of you may have seen my cat is forever in my bathroom sink or the bath getting a drink cause he thinks he's some sort of royalty puss and refuses to drink out of his water bowl.
My fiancee bought him a water fountain so we could stop him drinking out of there - I didn't think it was safe since were always putting cleaning products down there.
And the silly cat is still refusing point blank to drink from this water fountain which does the same thing as a tap, frustrating!!!

Painting - I dug out my picture I began painting last year, its been that long - I like to paint when I'm feeling creative which isn't often these days as I'm so busy.
I'm hoping to get this finished soon.

My New Love - I'm pug obsessed these days but since a dog is a huge responsibility I'm considering getting another cat in the future - I'm a crazy cat lady - I'm after an exotic short hair, i love ugly animals, there beautiful in my eyes but how cute is the squished up face.

Retail Therapy - I love a good sale and I love the two tops I've purchased this week, you can catch that in my previous post of what I bought.

My Gel Bath - My review for this product is coming up next week hopefully.
I was sent a sample to try by a company called Gelicity when they were asking for bloggers on twitter.
I don't think I've had a better bath in my whole 23 years.
I was a little shocked when i poured it in and it started to resemble something out of ghost busters lol!
Even the cat was intrigued - hence the picture!


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