Thursday, 26 July 2012

How I Spent My Birthday ♥

The reason for my disappearance has been mainly to do with he fact that its been mine and my fiances birthday 10 days within each other so we've been busy planning days out and nights out to celebrate the time we actually have had off together.

Together At Rudyard Lake <3

I turned 24 last Saturday - Although I don't feel that age.
Its scary to think I'll be married by the time I'm 25 going onto 26 and then what??
Children? A Morgage?
Really don't think I'm ready to grow up just yet.

So onto the pictures, stolen of my Instagram page - those who follow me may have had a peek at these already.

Rachel Crawford from Life Of A Sweetaholic bought me some lovely things and popped them in the post - isn't she lovely , she even remembered my crunchie - its a little thing we invented called "Crunchie Friday" :)

My favorite has to be the butterfly scarf, she knows me too well and my favorite face mask :)

I got a big surprise of my grandparents who have given me and daz a nice lump sum to get us moving with our wedding savings which means that we can book our wedding maybe in Dec this year.
That was probably the best birthday present and most appreciated as I never get anything like that and its nice to know they care enough about us to help make our dreams come true.

Daz paid towards getting my new foot tattoo, I'll pop that in a separate post,

I asked mainly for money as I'm awkward and prefer to buy my own things, but its always a bonus to get lovely surprises.

My other Grandad and Step Grandma got me this gorgeous butterfly keepsakes box, 
Its got a vintage design on it and i knew as soon as I got it what I wanted to turn it into.
I've needed somewhere to put all my special letters and photo's, 
Inside was yummy treats and some butterfly mugs and matching coasters for our little apartment,

He also put in this table cloth which I love, 
Its nice knowing that he knows me so well - and our cat is family

Even Jimjam snuck in my paper bag as a present.

For my birthday me and Daz went for a drive up-to Rudyard Lake in Buxton, it was a lovely day and the sun was shining which I was happy about.
It was quite busy but a lovely day out, the views from the lake where breath taking.

We went for a lovely meal at a place called the Knot Inn, which was gorgeous outside, there wasn't even any phone signal so we actually had a good hour or so to chat without facebook - were so unsocialable sometimes with each other.

It was a perfect birthday, and it also means I have meadow hall to look forward to with Rachel & Gina so I can spend my birthday money :) 

Thank you for the lovely people who wished me a happy birthday on twitter and here


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