Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Few Pictures From My Weekend ♥

I know a few of you love a few cheeky personal posts, this one is from the weekend,

Me and my fiancee lives quite close to an Airfeild called Barton Aerodrome - near the Trafford Center - and believe it or not quite a few celebs land here by private helicopter or plane, apparently Beyonce and Jay Z were meant to have landed here a few months back when on tour - I need a job here.

When I got talking to one of the men who work there too, he said David Beckham used to come there all the time too back in the day before he pretty famous, I'm guessing to fly, i really wish i could remember what he said - I'm not spinning tails honest.

Anyway they open up once a year to have a fun day, they used to air shows but after one accident went wrong, they stopped doing it.
So me and Daz went down, he loves planes.

They had all sorts on, there was a mini fairground with rides, lots of burger fans - yum.
Little events going on such as Classic Car Shows, Tombola's, Fire Engines and Police cars for the kids ect.
It was pretty busy.
They had all the planes & helicopters out that people fly or own to look at closely.
They were also offering helicopter and plane rides.

 It was the gloomiest day, raining and all don't you just love England.

I was really surprised that they had owls inside the the huge garage where they store the planes when there not flying, they weren't loose someone had bought them down, a man owned an owl sanctuary with lots of different owls, so he bought them down for the day in hope of getting extra donations for his sanctuary,
I love owls so it took a while to drag me away, we were allowed to hold them for £1 and even give them a lil stroke them which was fab,

Here's a few pictures of these little cute bundles of feathers.

 Excuse me - I attempted no effort to look picture worthy cause of the rubbish weather.

After a while of walking about, i was even tempted to try my luck on hook a duck and win a goldfish for the sake of it, but they all looked pretty ill so i left it - I don't really agree with keeping goldfish in plastic bags all day its just cruel.

As an early birthday pressie I bought Daz a 20 minute ride on a mini plane around Manchester - since he's like a little kid and loves planes as much as trains - some boys never grow up.

He was about to take off at this point with the pilot.

While he was up there, I didn't even notice, someone else in a plane tried to land and it crashed, i didn't even realize how serious it was till it made the news the next day, the guy was unharmed but a plane wing was taken off and the guy had a few cuts and bruises, there were even fire engines there, so that meant my boyfriend couldn't land since the runway wasn't clear, so he got the chance to fly about for an hour and half instead of 20 minutes, which normally would of cost a fortune.

The plane crash my Daz managed to avoid.

I was looked after, made friends with all the men that worked there as you do, and even got a free mug of coffee,

When my fiancee finally made a safe landing - phew - the lovely people let me take a proper picture up close and personal as a little reminder of the day which was really good.


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