Monday, 2 July 2012

How I Spent My Week #3 ♥

|Visiting My Mum|Shopping At Liver Pool One|Old Pictures|Off To Work|Me & My Grandad|

 Visting My Mum - This hasn't been something I've loved doing but it deserves a mention, 
I visited my mum - I go and see her every 2 weeks, I'd see her every week but the cemetery isn't the number one place i enjoy spending my time 99% of the time but i always go down to tidy up a lil bit and put down some fresh pretty flowers and keep her place of rest neat and tidy.

 Shopping At Liverpool One - Its my main passion in life and on the Wednesday last week I went to Liverpool One - you can see my haul post here - I've since improved the bad quality of the pictures I took.
This is the big wheel outside the Liverpool arena, we had a nice little day out there where I got some bits and bobs and them me and my fiance went to Frankie & Bennies for tea.

3. Old Pictures - I came across quite  few and couldn't resist sharing one with you, on this particular picture i look identical to my mum when she was a little girl, I was 5 here on my very first bike with stabilizers - in the background is my  black cat  Thomas, my mum and dad got him when i was a baby and he was a kitten, we grew up together, he died when he was 14 of kidney failure and I was heartbroken i cried so much for days afterwards.

4. Off to Work - For some of you, you know I started my new job where i used to work at Jane Norman again part time, Thursday was my first shift back and it couldn't of felt better, i felt settled in straight away and it felt like i hadn't left, I love working in retail as I can be such a chatterbox, so it was nice helping people, and we did really well and beat last years target with just the 4 of us.

5 Me & My Grandad - This is a picture of me and my dads dad, I went for a lovely meal on Saturday night, it was my grandads birthday a couple of weeks ago but because its his 70th he's invited a few of his family down for a meal at the weekend, so we all went out and celebrated it again, he even got a kindle touch, he's a more ahead of technology than me :)


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