Monday, 4 June 2012

Patriotic Jubilee Nalis ♥

Its bank holiday weekend, and I thought I'd show my patriotic love buy painting my nails for the jubilee,
I'm not dressing head to toe in union jack print as its just not me, and after tomorrow the novelty would have worn off anyway,

So i thought I'd give my nails a treat instead and paint them something I've never tried before,
As most of you know its not difficult and I've done mine as a step my step guide in case for a bit of help, 
They roughly take about 30 mins to attempt, my first attempt and it wasn't to messy, 
Hint - I used a paintbrush to paint on the thin red lines.
I didn't use any special nail polish brands as they'll be gone by Wednesday morning anyway.
But they are a a more purse friendly, fun and unique way to show your love for your country without digging g out those awful union jack leggings.

How are you celebrating the queens 60 years on the throne?


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