Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Blog Design By Bonjour Belle Designs ♥

Thank you to the lovely Steph at,

Click HERE to view her packages,

For creating my lovely blog,
She designs your blog the way you like them and offers different kinds of packages,
She also works super quick, she did this layout in less than a night.
You tell her what you'd like and how you want it,
I purchased her full package 2 for £8.00,
Its my first time I've payed someone to create a blog design for me,
but  I spend a lot of time on here, so its worth every penny and she did a great job,
Click her link above if you'd love her to do your blog for you.

Thank you Steph :)

What do you think, do you like it??
I think its definitely a keeper.


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