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My D.I.Y Dip Dye Denim Shorts ♥

 I'm not a professional when it comes to D.I.Y and my own clothes, I joined the blogger world last year in February 2011, and I've noticed Blogger has its own way of inspiring you to do things you don't normally do - If you'd of asked me a year ago if I'd consider cutting up a pair of my jeans into shorts and making them into own, I would of looked at you funny and asked "are you were kidding me"

 I've been inspired by the dip dye trend and love all the different varieties of looks that are on the websites, 
So i had my trusty pair of Primark denim skinnies which were going straight in the bin after a painting disaster - why i chose to paint sideboards wearing these i have no idea -

So after some inspiration and seeing past post's i held onto them in hope of turning them into shorts.
but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them yet.

Then i saw an idea on Bows and Belle's Post - She's turned this old denim shirt into this fabulous one of a kind piece - you can view her post here.

So waa laa, my dad had some bleach lying about and I set to work.

These were my jeans before i got cutting - there's so many tutorials on cutting jeans into shorts on YouTube,

These are my jeans after some careful cutting, 

 They looked a bit plain still but i set to work fraying the edges - I later decided i didn't want frayed edges - but for those who want frayed edges - i used an emery board - you can get these from most supermarkets or chemists, you can even use sandpaper to rub against the edges to make it look worn - the finished effect happens after the wash as you'll see.

These are the shorts after some sanding down,

Then I set to work bleaching them, i filled the sink up with hot water as i didn't want my shorts going white - don't forget your rubber gloves when touching bleach - then i poured half the bottle in the sink with the water, its diluted so takes longer but the effect looks better -

These started changing colour within 5 minutes, 

I left them to soak for about an hour and a half, retouching any bits that needed bleaching lighter but taking the shorts out and rubbing bleach into the area's that needed to go lighter, i also used a sponge to get a gradient effect.

After they were rinsed, i popped them on a full wash with plenty of comfort so they were soft, the washer added to the worn frayed look after an hour of whizzing about,

This is them after a wash front and back -

After popping them on the radiator to dry, i decided they still needed a little something else so i went to Dunelm Mill and picked up this gorgeous crocheted edging which i decided to pop round the front and back edges of my shorts, it was 99p a meter, i did orignally go for studs but they didn't have any but I'm glad i went for the more girlie look,

I also picked up a box of pearl beads to add a little something, these are on one of the pockets, i was going to do both sides, but i thought adding something on each pocket would make them different,
I kept the back plain as i didn't want to go OTT.

I sewed all my crocheted edging on and beads by hand,

These are my finished shorts after some ironing - the best part was they only cost me £10.98

My Primark Jeans were - £9.00
The bleach was free and my bits and bobs from Dunelm Mill were £1.98,

Taa Daa - Your very own dip dyed denim style shorts that no one else owns except you,

OFTD's wearing these will be in the future, i look terrible today lol,

 What do you think??
Is D.I.Y something you'd consider since joining the world of blogging, or do you do it as a hobby,


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