Sunday, 3 June 2012

My 6 Year Anniversary & A Mini Haul ♥

Some of my closer friends, or anyone who has me on Facebook or Instagram will know yesterday was officially 6 years since I met my fiance, 
 I do remind myself everyday how lucky i am - As mushy as that sounds,
We have our ups and downs like every couple, but i think the key to a perfect relationship, is trust, friendship and freedom to do what you want.

I took a little trip to the Trafford Center yesterday - I live about 10 minutes away on the bus,
I purchased this big Millie's cookie pictured above, its the first time i've purchased one and they are such clever ideas for a gift for someone, for birthdays or special occasions as i can never use up a full cake as it is.
You can get this yummy treat designed the way you like it and it only takes an hour, so you can go and shop whilst you wait - fair deal,

I took a quick browse round the shops, i had a few vouchers to spend, so I went shopping as you do, 

I picked up this dress in Miss Selfridge - I had my eye on this when it was in the shop a month or two ago but at £35 it was a bit out of my price range for just a dress i liked.
So when i saw it in the sale for £25 and the last one in my size i picked it up.

I then popped into river island, with no idea what to buy - Its always the way when you've got money to spend, you can never find anything you really want.
After half an hour round the sandal aisle I spotted these at the back that were £15.00, i have a hundred pairs of sandals as it is, but none this colour, i love the colour block look.

I had this nice little summer outfit all set, then as soon as I stepped outside, it was throwing it down.
I love ENGLAND!!

Later on at 6 oclock me and my boyfriend went to Frankie & Bennie's to get some tea, 
I've only ever been once and I think after last night i'll be going a hell of a lot more, the food is AMAZING, and how nice is the garlic bread - if any of you have ever been.

We then went for a a drink in Media City Salford, while we waited for the new Men In Black 3 film - We took a few pictures as you do, 

All in all it was a prefect Saturday day and night,

I hope your all having a lovely weekend, me and Daz are slowly making our way through this cookie which i could possibly eat in one go.

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