Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lace & Butterfly Print Vintage Buys ♥

Hey beauts, I hope your all having a lovely weekend, I'm spending mine lay in my PJ's watching a classic - flight of the navigator.

Yesterday I popped into my local vintage shop again, I've not been in a a few weeks so i went to see what i could snap up,

I thought I'd share with you what caught my eye and what I bought,
I was really happy after coming out with these two lovely items, for a fab £3.50,
The left is a pink lace top from select, with a zip at the back for £2.00 its in a size 12 but i do like some of my tops to be lose, I've got a few items coming in the post from H&M - post coming up on that - and one is a pink string vest so it will go nicely under this,

The right top is a brand new top from H&M, I absolutely adore butterflies so anything with butterfly print is snapped up in minutes with me, this was £1.50, perfect for wear over leggings, i'll have to wear a bandeau bra underneath as its a little open cut at the side, but it looks lovely on.

I thought I'd take a picture of the lace top  - which is my favourite - and show you what it looks like on, and how I would plan to wear it, I absolutely love lace, i think it looks so girlie and feminine and really dresses a classic pair of skinny jeans up, and the colour is like a pink/coral which also happens to be a favorite colour of mine,
I've worn it with a tan belt as its rather big on me it fits perfectly on top, but I'm unfortuently not blessed with a proportionate body so smaller tops don't tend to fit me over my very top half but fit my middle half - Annoying - 
The tan belt fakes a waist and makes it looks this bigger top look like it fits me evenly all over.

The lace one is definitely my favorite of the two and looks so girlie.
What do you think?
Have any of you picked up anything recently form your local vintage shop?


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