Friday, 15 June 2012

I Have A New Job ♥

So I have some exciting news and a more personal post for my followers - it might make some of you smile,

 I have a new part time job, well when i say new I mean i kind of have my old job back.
I used to work at Jane Norman 2 years ago, it was actually 3 years ago this month i started my full time job back then there, but unfortunately i had to leave when my mum passed away.

I was kindly offered a chance to reapply for my job - i had to fill out an application form and give them my CV  like anyone applying for any job,

But it means more exciting new changes in my life, new people, new responsibilities,
 and more pennies for mine and my fiances wedding fund.

So I'm ready to start this new next chapter of my life, and work on making my wishes become achievable,


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