Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Batiste's New Range Of Dry Shampoo's ♥

* A few of you may have spotted that Batiste have released two new fragrances of Dry shampoo,
The latest two scents being,
Batiste's Seductive & Elegant Lace,
Batiste's Cool & Crsip Fresh

Batiste's latest sophisticated fragrance "Seductive & Elegant Lace" means that you can slip it in your bag and look on trend wherever you go with the lace can design,

This can is actually one of my favorites can designs after the cherry can variety.

The other new variant "Cool and Crisp is another new fresh scent which is different from the sweeter smelling dry shampoo's if you don't like them sort of scents.
Its got a lovely lemon clean refreshing smell to it which isn't to overpowering,

This stuff really is my savoir and i love mixing the smells up a little each day depending on my mood, 
The scent i find tends to stay in my hair longer than regular shampoo's I use - Don't know if anyone else notices this?

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To see the whole range visit www.batistehair.co.uk
You can buy them for £2.99 from Boots 
 Or if your looking for greats all the time like me its better than half price on the Superdrug website for 
£1.45 at the moment,

The tropical scent is always a winner for me and is still my favorite scent of them all.
Which Batiste scent is your favorite?

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