Tuesday, 19 June 2012

90's Child - My Favourite Toys ♥

I thought todays post should be a little different and that I would take you all on a lil trip down memory lane, 
I love thinking about all the great toys I had as a il girl growing up in the 90's,
I definitely think the toys back then were better than they are now.
I never always got what I wanted all the time, usually it was only at Christmas's or Birthdays but the toys I did get I played with all the time.
Lets see who can remember any of these favourites of mine.

1 - Sindy Ballerina - I was always a Sindy girl rather than a Barbie, I think i owned one Barbie but I never played with her that much, she was always a loner on her own - I got her for Christmas off my parents, I loved Sindy Ballerina, she was the first Sindy doll I had who could stretch her toes downwards, and she was also the prettiest Sindy I had, she was always the lead girl in my Sindy romances with prince charming, I loved her little tutu dress and she had the loveliest blonde hair.

2. Scamp - Who remembers this adorable pup who squeaked every time you took him/her on a walk?
He was on a lead connected to a roller that you velcroed him onto, although i think the continuous squeaking got annoying after a while.
I had the boy version with the blue lead, although I wanted the pink girl one :(
He was the cuddliest dog I owned as a lil girl and I always went to bed with him.

3. Operation - This game they have now comes without the money - wheres the fun in that, my boyfriend got it me a few Xmases ago as a fun present, I wanted to relive my childhood, we were both disappointed when it contained no toy money - I used to pretend the money was real and i was rich haha - I remember the heart was the trickiest piece to get out in this game, I know i spent months playing with this with my friends and never getting bored.

4. My Sindy 4x4 Jeep - I have this still in my loft in a rather broken state - with all the pieces missing - I never looked after anything as a child i was terrible -
It had a driving seat bit at the front with seat belts, bunk beds in the middle and a kitchen connected at the back - the back opened up with a sink and everything, it had matching tables and chairs, tiny knives and forks, the lot, and even a roof that converted into a jet ski, and a ski for water sports, I loved this jeep so much.

5. Pocahontas - The old classic version of the doll, with the dress that got a leaf pattern on it when you took it out in the sun, I loved Pocahontas cause she had the longest hair out of all my Sindy's, I used to think she was so beautiful.
I don't think mine came with a raccoon, I don't remember that - but i know she came with flick the hummingbird, you could wear on your finger as a ring, or attached to Pocahontas's arm.

Do you rmemeber any of these as a child?
What was your favourit toy growing up?


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