Sunday, 17 June 2012

How I Spent My Week #1 ♥

|Magazine Freebies|My Cat|Lovely Letters & Gifts In The Post|My Crackle Effect Nails|My New Dress From Madam Rage|

 1 - Magazine Freebies - Its always a bonus when the magazine I actually enjoy reading comes with a decent free gift, in this case - cosmopolitan came with some free aviators - shame we have no sunshine so I can actually wear them,
On the bright side the free Mentos gum I could use,

2 - My Cat - my Instagram and Facebook friend have to put up with a zillion pictures of this fella but I'm always like a proud mum snapping away when he's sleeping, eating or just looking cute cause in my opinion he's cut 101% of the time - even after he's just attacked my arm for no absolute reason.

3 - Lovely Letters And Gifts In The Post - I won a giveaway a few weeks ago on Etienne's blog and she sent me these lush goodies with the most lovliest letter I have ever had from a blogger - she is a truly a lovely girl inside an out and so is her blog, and my bathroom now smells like part of the LUSH store, 

4 - My Crackle Effect Nails - Its the small things that excite me and this case it was this new OPI nail varnish i got in the post off the lovely Tanya - I'm still constantly amazed when it dries and the crackle effect appears.

5 - My New Dress From Madam Rage - An OFTD will be up on this gorgeous dress very soon, its the first time I've ever got anything from this online shop and my first impressions of this brand are fab - The size's are perfect - I'm hoping I can wear this on my birthday night out next month since I love it more in real life

I'm attempting to write more regular posts on here and not the same old boring reviews cause even i get bored of reading them sometimes, I want to write posts that you lot will enjoy reading and also get an insight into my little world.
So I hope this regular post is here to stay, 
Feel write a post like this too if you feel inspired.

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