Friday, 11 May 2012

Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Yey or Ney ♥

I'm all yay for this particular eyeliner, I picked it up in the 3 for 2 offer on Rimmel products as parts of Superdrugs exclusive online deal, so as with any free product i like trying something new,

For £3.99 you get a reasonable sized pot with a concealed brush in the lid.
which you can affix to the lid to use when applying the eyeliner.

 My Images -

 I love the shape of the brush you use to apply the gel eyeliner with as its capable of achieving a heavy or subtle look depending on how heavy you want your eye make up.
The formula is a gel which i think it great as its glides on your eyelids perfectly and makes applying eyeliner easier even for people who have trouble applying it in a straight line,

Close up -

My everyday eye make up -

The results?

I always wear eyeliner everyday without fail and if I'm going out my eye make up tends to be a little bit heavier, 
It has perfect staying power, however a little bit of sudging did occur, I applied it at about 11.00am yesterday morning and it was still there at 11.00pm at night - as with some eyeliners, they tend to flake away after a few hours and a few pencils one's fade after a while also.

Is it really waterproof?

Well there are only a few faults I had with the product, it was a bit windy yesterday and my eyes tend to water in the wind, so it did wear off at the corner of my eyes, also any wear longer than 12 hours underneath the eye area did see some smudging throughout the day, so it didn't have amazing staying power - touch ups were needed.
 It was pretty easy to get off whilst using a standard face-wash to take my make up off, however it does take an extra wash round the eyes to remove all traces completely,

Is It Worth Buying?

Over all this is an eyeliner worth investing in if you want a decent eyeliner in your make up bag for a fraction of the price of some of the more expensive gel eyeliners out there.
Despite it not being as waterproof as it says it is, its still a really good eyeliner and for the price you can't actually complain, I'd say its ideal for a night out, but if you want something that last all day I would look further, I haven't repurcahsed.

Has anyone used or got this eyeliner??

What did you think of it?


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