Friday, 4 May 2012

My 'Pug'icure ♥

See what i did there??hehe - Yeah I know it wasn't a very good joke,

 I just wanted to share with you, these cute pug nail art stickers i picked up off Ebay,
I'm a little obsessed as some of you know, anything with a pug on, its mine.
for those who say they are ugly - there really not, ugly is beautiful :)
While I'm yet to finally get a real life size Pug, I'll have to make do.
I got the idea off a lady I have on Instagram, as she had some similar, she chose the portrait ones which I'll show you, and she told me where to get them from - so if your reading this and that lady was you and put your hand up.
Thank you :)

I used Nail Inc's Basil Street for the undercoat and Rimmel 5 in 1 for the top coat ,
You can buy these nail stickers from this seller HERE 
They were only £2.20 plus p&P for 24 nail stickers which come with instructions and how to maintain them and make them last, she even sent me some other samples which i thought was lovely.
She has lots of gorge nail stickers so go and take a peek.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend girlies :)
Hopefully I'll get to see the New American Pie film this weekend or Avengers, which ever the fiance wants to see first.


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