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My New Read - Katie Piper - Things Get Better ♥

For those who have forgotten - This book had completely slipped my mind as i have 0869 other things to remember these days - 

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Katie Piper has released her new book Things Get Better - It was released on the 24th of May,
So while I was mid shop in Asda just happening to pass the book aisle i saw this and grabbed it,
It was £5, 
I'm attempting to stop buying books, its not going down to well,
I really NEED, to invest in a kindle,

For those of you who don't know Katie Piper from her previous book Beautiful - which you should read first,
She is a truly inspiring girl to me to have gone through what she did and still come out beautiful and full of positivity despite all her heartache.

I read this book whilst I was on holiday last year and I could not put it down, it made me cry, and i felt every little bit of heartache she felt through her words.

For a short synopsis of the "Beautiful" book i copied and pasted from Amazon if anyone would love to read this book - 

  'I heard a horrible screaming sound, like an animal being slaughtered ... then I realized it was me.
'When Katie Piper was 24, her life was near perfect. Young and beautiful, she was well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a model.But then she met Daniel Lynch on Facebook and her world quickly turned into a nightmare ...After being held captive and brutally raped by her new boyfriend, Katie was subjected to a vicious acid attack. Within seconds, this bright and bubbly girl could feel her looks and the life she loved melting away.Since then Katie has gone on to inspire millions with her brave determination, but the journey hasn't been easy.Beautiful is the moving true story of how one young woman had her mind, body and spirit cruelly snatched from her and how she inspired millions with her fight to get them back. 

 Now Katie Pipers New Book - Things Get Better - Even the title inspires me,
 Is the follow up to her courage and positive outlook on life, 
I can not wait to start reading this.

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 Has anyone else bought this book or read her first one?
Did she inspire you?

When I've read this book would anyone be interested in me holding a giveaway to pass it along?
I like to feel like I'm recycling but passing along a good read to another blogger who will enjoy it as much as me.


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