Friday, 18 May 2012

My New Lace Bag & A Treat From Barry M & AX Paris ♥

As promised I wrote a post a few days ago about a bag i ordered online off a website called Humbara,
and i promised a follow up post,

Well my bag arrived yesterday, and I'm in love with it, I still can't believe it was £5.00 technically £10.95 as i payed for postage for next day delivery.

Here's a few pictures of this beauty, it came with a tan strap for wear on my shoulder as a shoulder bag but i like to wear my bags on my elbow so i forgot to photograph the strap, sorry.

Its got 3 reasonable sized pockets and I love how the zip clips closed to fasten at the side,

Overall I'm impressed with the quality, but a little disappointed with the delivery time scale, really i wanted to pay the £3.95 postage but there seemed to be a glitch with the website and it kept saying that i had to check the postage price so i changed it to next day delivery and it worked.

It came on the Thurs so not the next day service i payed for, but I'm not going to complain to them for a few extra pounds,
I got my bag and I'm happy.
They still have their everything five pounds sale on, on everything as well as bags, shoes, & clothing ect.

My order from the other website everything 5 pounds turned up with my lace dresses which are actually ex Primark line, (you can see that post from monday here) i can recognize a label a mile off, there was a glitch with the sizing, the pink one was a 8 on the top label but the inside label stated it was a 14and the 8 was ridiculously tight, I'm sure there's an error with the sizing, to make matters worse both items had these green marks on them, probably the reason why there were ex line, so they shall be going back.
Rather disappointing as they looked gorgeous in the picture,
Everything 5 pounds is a miss this time round,

Finally I had the postman return with good news, another goody bag, today has been like Xmas I've been really lucky this week and won Barry M's competition over on Facebook with AX Paris,
I won a dress which they didn't have in stock anymore :(
I've had to chose an alternative, this lovely dress - I have a few weddings to go to this year now and i love the fashion of these dresses that are about now,

  I'll take a picture in real life, when it arrives :)
Barry M sent me some Barry M goodies, which I was so grateful for as I love there products, its cheered my week up as last week was a nightmare.

I hope all your girlies have a lovely weekend and thank you to everyone who clicks the follow button, it does mean a lot when people come to this corner of my life and read what i write :)

Lots Of Love

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