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Magic Colour Change Mood Gloss ♥

There's been a few posts on this lip gloss appearing on blogger, 
But I wanted to actually show you what this mood gloss does, as pictures of how it changes colour give the product more justice,

I received these in the post yesterday from Miners Cosmetics and I was a little excited as I knew about the Barry M green lipstick that actually turns to pink on your lips depending on the PH of your lips.

For those who want a quick science lesson - your PH depends on your own body, various organs in your body help to maintain it, so therefore you all have your own unique PH,
So everybody's lip colour colour will be different and unique,

These Lip glosses come in two festival inspired colours -
Glastonberry - Vibrant Pink Shades,
Peace Pout - Pink Shimmer Shades,
They retail at a bargain £2.49

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These little handy tubes fit perfectly in your handbag, clutch, whichever you use,
"Some Wording Taken From Miners"

As these glosses are festival inspired it makes them perfect for all those festivals or concerts some of you will be going to this summer as it saves you time and money on applying a lipstick then a gloss, when this handy tube does both ,your look will be completely individual and effortless, it will be this seasons MUST HAVE item,
Even if you aren't braving it and not going to any festivals like me, this product is still ideal for everyday wear as its subtle and i like that its different.

The tubes packaging is nice and girly and is 60's themed,
making this product on trend :)

To let you see what colours these glosses went on my lips i took some pictures,

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When applying the Glastenberry shade, the gloss was clear, and reacted to my lips and changed to a nice shade of pink on my lips within minutes, 
Glastenberry is my favorite shade as this shade of pink is perfect for me, without it looking to OOT and natural and it smells lush, 
I will be getting a lot of use out of this tube.
The lip gloss also leaves a tint of pink behind even when the gloss eventually rubs off which gives your lips a nice colour which will last you a few hours between touch ups, this was one of the things i loved most about this product :)
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The second Shade Peace Pout, is more of a shimmery colour, but I did love the girlie pink colour it went on my lips, its slightly lighter than the Glastenberry shade, so girls who like to wear light colours will suit this shade more, I like the little shimmer it has in it, when applying this, this came out the tube a shimmery clear colour and again it changed within minutes on my lips.

They are so clever :)

To purchase these Mood Glosses you can go straight to their website here - Miners Cosmetics
They do stock them in some local pharmacies, so keep your peepers out for them,   
Like them on Facebook and Follow them on twitter to stay updated,

Has anyone else tried any products like this or would you love to try these out?
Let me know below I love reading your comments,


*Pr Sample,
This item was sent to me by Miners, my review is purely my 100% opinion and i was sot payed or told what to write in any way, my opinions are my own and if i do not like a product I will be honest.

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