Monday, 14 May 2012

Lace Love ♥

I thought I would do a quick post and show you my recent buys off the website that I'm hooked to
As I've told you in a few previous posts they have a Facebook page which shows you whats going live on the website the next day and what time so you can be first in line.
I was having a snoop last night and saw they were listing these gorgeous lace skater dress up today.
I've literally just bought them now in both colors as they are absolutely gorgeous and would cost double or even triple the price in a shop, with delivery i paid just under £14.00 for two gorgeous dresses.
Perfect from the spring/summer underneath a cardigan.
A girl can never have to many dresses. 

You can purchase this dress while its still available here but I have a feeling it will sell out quick?
I'll attempt some OOTD'S when they arrive.

Stock Photo's from Everything 5 Pounds 

The bargain hunter I am, i came across this other clothing website last night, and found all these gorgeous items for £5 each, from dresses to bags, obviously I will only buy something i know I will use, so be careful, Its so easy to buy stuff you don't need because of the price, a bit like sale items.

This new discovery is called Humbara,

Image - Stock Photo from Humbara

& I purchased this gorgeous tan & lace bag for a fab £5.00,
I've been looking for a new bag and loved this as soon as I saw it.
As I've never purchased from here before I will wait till it arrives to see what quality is like, 
but if its anything to go by by the picture, it will be lovely.

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