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Introducing The Number One Shop For All Your Jewelry Needs ♥

I've got an exciting new shop to show you girlies today, 
called Trashy Doll,

The lovely company sent me some gorgeous pieces of their jewelry to show you lovely lot,

For those of you who haven't heard of this company before, 
Trashy Doll is an online shop that sells some of the most beautiful, unique, quirky,  kitsch & vintage pieces of jewelry and key rings i have ever seen,
You'll be guaranteed to find something to match every persons taste.

Most jewelry is handmade. giving it that unique twist of owning something that is personal.

 They constantly add new items to their shop so its a great idea to check back everyday.

I have picked you out some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that the website stock,

- Images Taken From Trashy Doll's website 
1. My Last Rolo Ring £5.50
2. Strawberry Milkshake Sweet Necklace - £4.95
3. Comedy Moustache Necklace - £7.00
4. Barbie Necklace - £6.00
5. Blue Heart Button Earrings - £3.50
6. Baby Pink Bambi Necklace - £7.00
7. Strawberry Ice Cream Studs - £3.50
8. Dolly Mixture Bracelet - £6.00
9. Quirky Kitten Wooden Studs - £4.00
10. Mini Oreo Biscuit Ring - £5.50
11. Dainty Daisy Earrings - £3.50
12. Vintage Rose Ring - £5.50

Which Ones Do You Love?
Is it me or does the dolly mixture bracelet look edible? 

I love that these are items that you don't normally see everyday when out shopping,
This also makes it ideal for finding that perfect present for someone that has everything or wants something a little more unique,
The prices are amazing and they ship worldwide,

They offer free UK delivery which i think is a great idea as some companies only offer this if your buy a certain amount of items or spend so much.

I was sent 4 items to review for you,

The lovely lady at Trashy Doll kindly let me hold a giveaway for my lovely readers also,
- That will be in a separate post up tonight so keep your eyes peeled -

I had the items sent out them out and they arrived quickly and safely in a jiffy bag individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged inside another bag sealed with a sticker,

You can see how well presented and packaged my items were, 

- My Images 

I always think its important to make sure an items gets to you in the perfect condition.

I was sent four random items, I actually did love everything that was sent to me, and I picked out the items that are ME, the other two are lovely but weren't me,
As I said before, everyone has a unique taste,

- My Images

First up was this beautiful * Flower Ring - £4.95 This can be found in the ring section - Its available in pink and coral and can be found here
I love flowers, and i love the bright colours on this one, they are really eye popping and would add a spot of colour to any outfit, plus it looks really summery, perfect with all the sunshine we've had,
From the close up picture you can see what perfect quality the ring is,

The other item I fell in love with was this ring,

Its called the * Chocoholic Ring and suits me down right to the ground, i can't get enough of it - perfect pressie idea if you know a chocoholic ;)
This retails at a bargain £4.00 and actually looks good enough to eat, - just don't try and eat it,
You can find that here

All rings are adjustable so will fit to each individual,

My personal opinion of these items and Trashy Doll in general  - and I'm not just saying this,
They sell beautiful items that reach you in perfect condition,
You pay a purse friendly price,
Free UK delivery,
You own a piece of unique jewelry,

They offer a service for custom orders so if there is something that you liked but wanted it to be a little different, you can ask them, and they'll see what they can do for you :)  

I will definitely shop from here myself in the future,
The lady who deals with the shop was extremely helpful and lovely and if you have any questions or queries I would not hesitate to contact her,

You can find other links for Trashy Doll below,

Trashy Doll Online Shop
Trashy Doll Facebook Page 
Trashy Doll Twitter Page

What do you think of this shop, did you click on the links and go for a little wander around?

A thank you to Trashy Doll for sending me these lovely items and  giving me the opportunity to express my own opinion.

My Visitors ♥

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