Friday, 25 May 2012

Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint - Blue ♥

I've been a huge fan of the magnetic nail polishes and i still can't believe it was only till yesterday that i finally got my hands on one,

I'm now officially on a nail varnish ban, my collection has increased to over 80 nail varnish's now, and my fiance keeps shouting at me when i come home with another shade of the colour I already own,
I blame blogger for my increased collection. 

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This nail varnish retails for £4.99 which i think is a average price for one of these polishes, as the normal Barry M Paints are £2.99, Barry M are a brand that never let me down.
17 were charging £5.99 - although i'm not sure how good they are,

I picked the blue as it was the most appealing shade, I'm not a huge fan of metallic's to start off with, but I loved this shade.

You need to apply one coat first and then as soon as you paint your second coat you need to hover the magnet over the top, but you do have to be quick, the quicker you are the better the pattern,
(so i learnt, its also a good idea to give the bottle a good shake too)

A few fingers i had to redo as its tricky to start off with, but the handy nail varnish remover i bought that i posted about a few days ago got it off within 2 seconds :)

This was my finished result

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It kind of reminds me of the union jack flag almost,
The fact that the sun is shining enhances the metallic colours more and they look amazing outside, this picture I took is actually an untouched picture, so you can see the effect so well.

I absolutely love the effects of these and can see why they are so popular, the fact that this colour looks better on that in the bottle would temp me to buy the other colours as all the magnetic patterns are unique, they need to bring out some funner shades such as pink ;)

Has anyone else tried the Barry M magnetic nail polishes, or recommend any other brands?
What did you think of them?


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