Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What I've Purchased This Month ♥

This month has been a good one, I got a little bit extra as it was a 5 week month and since the weather WAS nicer at one point, now its snowing again, I did get a bit carried away and started purchasing Spring/Summer clothes.

Mostly was online as I have a good hunt around for discount codes and free delivery!!

Some cheeky discount for you girls here I found - 
25% off most expensive item item (will only work on the one item) - 9690
£5.00 off - 1304 
You can use these codes together so basically you get free delivery and 25% off an item,

1. H&M Orange T-shirt - £3.99 - I have a striped bodycon skirt from H&M and can not think of anything go with it, so I bought exactly the same top the model was wearing with the striped skirt just so i could have a reason to wear it, its a lovely orange colour and will go with quite a few items :)

2. Nautical Print Vest Top - £7.99 - I love anything thats nautical so as soon as i saw this i had to buy it, will be so cute with shorts in the summer,

3. Pink Chiffon Blouse - £2.99 originally £12.99 - H&M have an offer on where you get this blouse for £2.99 in 5 other colours, but its limited to one per household so i go the pink one which is a gorgeous shade in real life, more vibrant than the picture, delivered to my flat and i purchased the cream one separately and got it delivered to my dads, a great idea for anyone else wanting to purchase multiple items with this offer on, 

4. Spotty Print Heart Vest - £7.99 - I love this vest so much its so cute with the polka dots and the heart shape, definitely another one to team with my shorts for a nice girlie laid back look, i managed a wear out of this last Wednesday to Alton Towers when the weather was gorge.

5. Cream Chiffon Blouse - £2.99 - originally £12.99

6. & 7. Peep Toe Shoes - £9.99 - As the weather is warmer but not to warm for sandals, peep toes are the perfect way to get your toes out, i couldn't resist the snake print pair, and they are so comfy.

This next online shop in a favourite of mine - Everything 5 pounds,

The name of the shop pretty much says what it means,

I purchased 8, 9, 10 for £15.00 all £5.00 each minus the £3.95 postage,

8. Is a gorgeous dress floral peplum style dress, no idea when I'm going to wear this yet but it will do for any special occasions in the summer and for the £5.00 price tag you can't go wrong can you?

9 . Are blue jeggings, I do prefer my jeggings to jeans and theses come in some lovely colours but the blue pair are perfect under long tops for normal everyday wear.

10 . How cute is this polka dot bra set?? I love all the three colours and the good thing is it doesn't look tacky as some cheap underwear does, it comes in Pink, Mint Blue and Blue.

Lastly is this Aztec Print top, i fell in love with this on - its £12.99 on there, but i picked it up from the Lowry Outlet Mall near me for £6.00 over half the price.
So i'd have a good look in your local shopping center, most shops do stock the same stuff you can get online for half the price.
I love all the pastel colours, although i may have to purchase these shorts also.

These are my purchases from this month, although I'll be visiting Primark at long last in Manchester this friday when I finally meet the gorgeous Rachel Cocking, so expect a haul if i find anything nice :)


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