Friday, 6 April 2012

Rimmel - Lastin Finish 1000 Kisses - Endless Blossom ♥

This was one of the products that I purchased yesterday in the 3 for offer on at Boots in the Rimmel Section for £5.99

You've probably seen the advert floating around on the television with Georgia May Jagger adverting the product, one of the reasons I went out and bought it.
I was far from impressed.

It states on the lip tint pen that its a transfer-proof lip tint, 
and Rimmel say The Non transfer, kiss proof formula gives lips a royal flush of intense, vibrant colour that stays on duty for up to 12 hours leaving no trace, so your kisses never tell

 The truth be told, I applied it and within an hour the colour had completely vanished, 
11 more hours it should of lasted for.
This is the colour below of the lip tint on my lips, you can tell that there's a hint of colour, 
I opted for a pale colour as i wanted something subtle but noticeable,
I will add that the balm you get on the other end of the lip-tint makes your lips gorgeous and glossy and completely moisturized, I'm just a little disappointed how long the lip tint lasts for, 
I reckon you would have to apply it at least every couple of hours for it to go anywhere.

Endless Blossom Lip Tint 

Luckily this was the item i got free in the 3 for 2 offer as I also purchased the Wake Me Up Foundation, which is really good, so i suppose no money was wasted but if you are purchasing this be careful.

This product for me gets a 3/10 - the fact that the is actually a rather lovely shade of pink and the balm is pretty good, but the amount of time it lasts is pretty disappointing.

Wether or not any of the other colours are more transfer proof I'm not sure as I haven't tried them,

Has anyone else tried this lip tint pen?
What did you think of it??

As much as I love Rimmel products I do hate the efforts that advertising go to to promote an item which means photoshopping something to make it look better than it actually is which I think is misleading.

Picture Taken From The Rimmel Website

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