Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Week In Pictures ♥

Since Instagram has become more popular now, 
I thought this would be a lovely new insight into my week

Chicago Town Pizza's with pepperoni sauce in the crust,
The next best thing since Takeaway's

My favorite Cadbury's bar in mini bites, 

My competition win from Millie Pembleton, this 99p Cone Ice cream
necklace worth £18.00, is now my new favorite necklace.

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and coco powder,
Currently the drink i can't get enough off.

I bought a Hello Kitty air freshener in preparation for the first ever car i'll be driving on my own for the first time eeeeek

Its not mine and nope I'm not flashing my cash, lol, my fiance won £170 on a bet on the footy this Sunday and won this money, for rooney to score first goal and united to win 4 goals.
I made him treat me :P

Tuesday charity shop buys, 
Tiger H&M Crop Top - Looks fab on - £2
& New full size Soap and Glory scrubs unused for 50p each

Saturday night treats :)
I love Cherry Lambrini,

 I finally picked up the car I'll be driving, 
Yesterdays drive back from the garage went smoothly,
However I went for a evening drive tonight and got myself in a right piddle at a round about at a busy junction, I stalled twice and i was beeped at so much cause i just couldn't get going, 
one woman even got out of her car and yelled at me,
Total panic and i was almost crying.
I'm still getting over the trama :(
Avoiding busy places until i can get the hang of the clutch,
anyone with any new driver tips please give them me :)


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