Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Monarch Butterfly Nail Art Inspiration ♥

These are my nails :) 

I recently came across this tutorial on Youtube while looking for inspiration and i was inspired straight away, 
 I love butterflies and I'm a little bit obsessed.
So when I saw this gorgeous Monarch Butterfly Design i headed straight to Boots,
Out of the 10000 nail polishes i own, i did not own a white but about 5 different oranges!lol!

Let me know if you like it and if i inspire you to too do this gorgeous design.

To do this tutorial you need,
A Orange nail polish, preferably a lighter kind
A Black Nail Polish
A White Nail Polish 
A Clear Top Coat
And A Paintbrush, i use these instead of nail brushes, there so much cheaper.

These are the brands I used proving you don't need pricey polishes to achieve this gorgeous look.

My Images 

I applied  Rimmels, 5 in 1 clear base coat which is a base, top and nail strengthener before applying
Miners Mango Tango,

My Images,

 I then put another clear top coat on to separate the next colour I'd apply.

I used George's Midnight Black to apply the black stripes using the paint brush,

Then when these were dry i used Rimmels White Nail Tip Whitener Nail Polish, I used this for the spots as the brush was pretty thin as ideally its for the tips when doing a french manicure.

Finish with the Rimmel's 5 in 1 base and top coat on top,


I've included the Youtube video at the end to give the girl credit who came up with this gorge tutorial.

& Taaa daaaaaa, gorgeous unique nails perfect for the SprIng and Summer,

 My Images :)
I was getting a bit carried away with the flowers in the back garden lol.

Image taken from google images

This is the video I used to achieve this look, so thank you for creating this look, and give her full credit.


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