Monday, 30 April 2012

A Little Haul ♥ & A Comp Win ♥

Hey beauties,
I've been non existent recently, 
I've been blogging less as I'm super busy now these days since I got my car,
So far so good :) two weeks tomorrow I'll have been driving, 
No accidents or bad luck yet so I'm trusting myself that I am a good driver, minus the scraping of the bumper while trying to reverse into a spot and catching a brick wall *ouch* these things happen I've learnt as a new driver and its not the end of the world.
My friends "New Driver" stories have relaxed me a little bit,
Thank you to all your lovely ladies for your positive words :)

Anyway I'm going on AGAIN, lol!

I'm just posting to show you some beauties I've got from Everything 5 pounds again,
Since saving for a wedding, I am choosing to shop on a budget and it is possible,
I'm hooked, even though some of there stuff is hit and miss, you have to be there quick for the good items as they sell out within a few hours sometimes.
I have had to send some items back in the past as it just doesn't fit right or look right, but I'm not faulting them completely as the stuff i received in the post today is perfect.

Here's a cheeky little look at what i purchased.
Model shot taken from Everything 5 pounds Facebook Page

I don't tend to buy things for the sake, I do have a purpose for things i buy or there's no point wasting your money, and its easy to do this since everything is 5 pounds each as well.
This dress fits perfectly, zips up at the pack with straps or without, it may be a little short for some peoples liking but I'm not 5,ft 9 like the model so it covers my legs and bum more, hehe!
I'm going to a wedding reception in June so hopefully a smart blazer and some peep toe heels will make this outfit look perfect, and no one would guess it was only 5 pounds,
Model shot taken from Everything 5 pounds Facebook Page  
Next up is this Coral Top
 I'm into my baggy tops at the minute and think they look so nice teamed with skinny jeans and boots if your planning on having a relaxed day, 
i wish I'd bought this in blue as well now and maybe a black, the colour is lovely, and it fits lovely despite it being one size only (who makes this stuff up)
You can still buy this here - BUY HERE
 Model shot taken from Everything 5 pounds Facebook Page 

 & Lastly I purchased this gorgeous Blue Skater dress, this was one of the items which sold out within a few hours, i purchased straight away as I've heard colbolt blue is big on the catwalk this summer and autumn, 
The colour is gorgeous and will look lovely for everyday wear when the weather gets a bit nicer again so i  can get my pale legs out.

As far as i know, both dresses have sold out and i purchased them Thursday, but this website has a Facebook page which tells you what is going up the next day and what time so you can be at the front of the queue :) their Facebook is HERE

And Lastly Foxy Bingo sent me a DVD in the post I'd won over on twitter, its only a little win but i do enter comps when i can, I'm not as competitive as some people and i got bored entering some quiet quickly, so a win now and again keeps me on my toes and keeps me trying.

 Its only Mamma Mia DVD - I saw this film at the cinema but never purchased it so I'm not going to say no to a freebie :)
And that fox will no longer drive me insane on advert breaks, I'll tolerate him a little bit longer.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend anyway, 
Let me know what you think of my buys and if you buy anything from the website or have done recently, or let me know if your aware of any other bargain websites :)

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