Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter OOTD ♥

Hi, Happy Easter to all my lovely followers :)
This is my Easter OOTD, its nothing special, but while my fiance was handy with the camera I let him take a picture for me,
Me and my fiance went to a local pub of ours for a lovely three course sunday meal, the food was AMAZING!! 

Cropped Top - Lowry Outlet (Is also on Missguided)
Skinny Jeans - Primark
Tan Flats - Primark
Rose Bracelet - Primark
Owl Necklace - Ebay 

Hope you've all got lots of yummy easter treats,
I've seen lots of easter egg pictures all over twitter, facebook and Instagram and you've all made me really hungry.

I'm one of the very few that actually waits till Easter to actually eat my eggs, 
I've consumed 4 this month including a giant one.
Luckily I got given this one on thursday off my grandad with some mini Lindt eggs so I still had one in time for Easter.

I also made these yummy mini eggs nests on Thursday, as you really can't not make these this time of year, I've eaten ridiculous amounts of mini eggs this month.

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My username is xxcharlottxx

How many Easter Eggs did you all get??


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