Monday, 9 April 2012

Blogger Meet Up ♥

 Last Friday that's just gone, I finally met up with Rachael from Island Girl Insights,
We'd been talking for the past year on here, she was one of my few followers when i first started this blog last year along with Rachael Crawford and Gina who I also met last Oct,

Rachael is an absolutely looooovely girl, I was so jealous of her hair when we first met, that girls given me serious hair envy, I want to grow mine as long as hers.
We went for a hot chocolate in Cafe Nero to have a bit of a catch up before the shopping till we dropped started.
& we did shop till we dropped, how me managed to walk about for nearly 5 hours I have no idea, my legs were actually stiff the next morning, felt like I'd ran a marathon. 
You can have a look at my Primark haul here :) if you've missed that.
We chatted like we'd known each other for ever, its crazy as I never always have that connection with everyone and we did not stop giggling all day.

Finally at the end of the day we realised we hadn't taken any picture so managed a few while we had another hot chocolate in Starbucks, 20 attempts later, we even had the fan from the air con contributing to our glamorous photo taking!lol!

Absolutely fab day with this girlie, I've made a friend for life,

  I'd go and give her blog a follow as well, as she's absolutely lovely and you'll love reading her posts and her blog.


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