Saturday, 17 March 2012

Vinatge Shop Purchases This Week ♥

So I've been lucky to come across a few gorgeous buys this week while out and about,
Today I picked up this burnt orange play suit for only £2 originally Primark,
It jumped off the rail as soon as i stepped in, normally something catches my eye straight away,
I knew I already had a black waist belt at home so knew it would go nicely with that, along with some chunky beads, 
I love the scallop edges, it gives it a bit of a twist,
I thought it would be perfect for the summer time or holidays.

Sorry for the dopey smile, i never know how to pose and i need a better digital camera,
As its not like a normal clothes shop, you have to also have a good search individually through clothes to find something, as some nice tops do have a habit of hiding away, as everything is individual.

This is what I like most as i never know what I'm going to come across.
It also helps if you go in with an idea of what your after, you'll find what your looking for more easier, like I have done this week.

This happened while I was searching for some pretty new shoes,
I went to about 6 shops, and found these floral ballets pumps (Primark again) for £2.50
I have a rule, I will only buy something if its new (especially shoes) and items of clothing,
If its been worn the once you can get away with that, but I will wash it before wear,
The one thing that puts people off shopping in charity shops is that fact some clothes have been worn, Some people do get rid of things that still have tags on them, you'll be surprised.

I picked up this New Look body con stripe top for £4.00 brand new with tags the same time as the shoes, tops like this are perfect for normal everyday wear with leggings or jeggings, and it has cute bow detail at the back.

I picked these up today also for 50p each, 
I love butterflies so I'm instantly drawn to anything with a butterfly on, and this necklace is really pretty,
I'm a new Michael McIntyre fan after watching him on the tele a few times, he's really funny,
Cecelia Ahern is a favorite Author of mine and this is a book i've wanted to read for a while.

What do you think of my purchases??

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