Friday, 9 March 2012

How I Store My Jewelry ♥

I just wanted to show you my latest edition to my room,
I feel sorry for my fiance, I've taken over our bedroom.
I have so much jewelry, this isn't even half of what i own, but I like my favorite pieces on display so I don't forget all about them, which can happen when you store your jewelry away in draws like i do,

So i bought this little handy jewelry organizer off ebay,
For about £9.50 in a gorge pale pink, it fits right in with my vintage theme I have going in my room, I love the vintage look,
You hang it up on your wall, there's separate little hanger for earring, bracelets and necklaces, with vintage writing for each row.
I've also added my favourite flower clips on the side to decorate it a little bit,

Can you tell I love butterflies??

How do you girls store your jewelry??

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