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Five Top Rated Buys For A Bargain Price.

Here are my top 5 BEST RATED BEAUTY BARGAINS that everyone can afford by me,

The Shampoo/Conditioner - A new addition to my bathroom is this salon brand - Toni & Guy - I bought this from my local Home Bargains/ Quality Save, whichever you like to call it for £2.00 - A snip on the £4.99 retail price.
I bought the Shine Enhance Conditioner, they do quite a few different types for your hair, 
If you have longer locks that you want to add a shine to, this is excellent, and smells just like the shampoo they wash your hair with in the salon,
Its not got a thick consistency, thicker conditioners tend to make hair greasy and heavy.
It leaves your hair super shiny, knot free and smelling lush,
 If you have coloured hair like me, you don't necessarily have to use a colour conditioner, my colour still stays pretty vibrant after a month.

My Tip - I scrimp on shampoo's most of the time as its just for washing out grease and dirt build up,
Big brands don't mean a thing to me, 
 Alberto Balsam is a fantastic natural brand and for 99p its a big bottle that will last a while, 
I always buy the right hair type for my hair,
 I splurge a little bit more on conditioner, as its the finishing product, and a few extra pounds will show on your hair,  
Aussie is also a favourite of mine, "The Three Minute Miracle" is amazing for your ends,
at £4.00 a bottle, it will last months for the most important part of your hair, the ENDS

The Mascara - Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara -  My favourite Mascara ever YET, and I don't say that about every item I own, I've currently bought about 3 of these, they last me about 2 months at a time, even if its going gloopy, do not buy a new one yet, just pop it in your fridge for a while.
Its got this huge bristle brush which is great for wide eyes and it last all day.
For the price of £6.99 it is a little pricey but half that a month, that's £2.99 a month, and it does work, alot of mascara's claim they do the same thing but this does work, some people hate the big bristly brush as its hard to reach corners, but use the very tip and drag it upwards.

Top Tip - When applying two coats, wait at least a minute before applying the second coat, i always find when its almost dry you and you apply the second coat you get a better false lase look and its still wet enough to come through your lashes without clumping them together.

The Face Mask - An important part of my weekly routine, preferably at the weekend.
I've recently discovered self heating masks,
Montagne Jeunesse do a tottle (they call it) - called the  
Sensuous Spice Self Heating Face Masque,
Unlike most masks which you have to cleanse before use with warm water to open your pores, 
This mask is warm on your skin as soon as it touches your face, drawing out impurities, as well as cleansing at the same time, perfect if your lazy like me, and the warming sensation is one of the strangest but nice feelings ever.
A bottle of this costs you £4.99 and you get 10 applications - that's 2 months for £2.50 a month
and it leaves your skin incredibly soft.

My Tip - If you do buy the peel off/cream masks only use half the packet, i used to use a full packet at a time but if used carefully, you can get two applications out of it, store in the fridge folded up to keep fresh and when your apply a week later its lovely and cold.

The Moisturiser - There is only one brand I can not live without,
Simple, Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser - No colourings or harse chemicals its all natural.
If you have oily skin like I do, this stuff keeps shine at bay all days, its incredible,
It can be pricey in boots or Superdrug, at £3.79. do what I do, head to your local Quality Save/ Home Bargains, its a bargain £1.99, used morning and night daily will get you by for at least two months, it absorbs quick and moisturises all day long,
No shiny face after application and it has no smell.

My Tip - I always cleanse my face in the morning with hot water, dab my face with a towel, and when its dry a minute later, i apply my moisturiser, you want to apply it while your pores are still open, straight after your shower is another great option, moisturisers are important, they hydrate your skin and keep you looking younger for longer.

The Spot/Blemish Zapper - Sudercreme, I will always have this as my favourite skin healer for anything, i use it on cuts, scratches and spots, you will notice a difference overnight when you put this on your face.
Its a snip at £1.99 and will last you ages,
Its fantastic at getting rid of spots and helping them to heal quicker.
They do perfect handy sizes (above) to pop in your bag which are perfect to take on holiday with you, excellent for mozi bites on, when i got bitten about 50 times (not lieing

My Tip - As unattractive as this sounds i pop a dab on the area I want to heal but i don't rub it in completely, you may look like a mini dot to dot depending on how many spots its you have but it does work, this is before bed by the way, NOT during the day.

These are all my favourite monthly bargains that right now I can not live without, its always nice having a favourite and using a brand you know and can trust.

Do you girls use any of the same products as me or have any of your own bargain recommendations?


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