Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day In Pictures ♥

So i don't want to bore you all, as I know some people detest Valentines day with a passion and think its another sad excuse to waste your money on pointless cards, and you don't need one day to tell show someone how much you love them, bla bla,
I'm a true romantic at heart and i like that extra day where I'm made to feel extra special,

My fiance surprised me with lots of tasty treats the night before valentines day, I'd had a really horrible day, and this definitely put the smile back on my face.

Then Valentines Day :)

I got a lovely card, a huge milk tray 
& while I was at work the flower lady delivered some beautiful flowers,

I hope all my other beautiful lady followers got extra special treats too,
and you don't always need a guy to feel special on valentines day.


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