Sunday, 5 February 2012

An Update ♥

So I've decided after starting the project 365 challenge 12 days ago its just not for me, its quite time consuming blogging every day as it is as I'm pretty super busy and i like making time to write beauty related posts which is what my readers tend to like read more of.

I tend to be one of them people that do get bored of doing something really quickly but I've kept this blog up and running for a year so something good has come of it, and of course meeting some of you lovely lot.

So more beauty related posts will resume and I can write about things I really want to write about now I'll have that extra time :)

Also I posted a post about starting a vlog yesterday, I'll leave a poll up on the left hand side of my bar so you can click yes if you want to see more of me in the future and other related posts, i always want to get my readers involved and to keep you all interested as blogging to me isn't about the number of followers its about the people who come back every day.


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