Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring/Summer Hair Inspiration: The Fish Plait ♥

So one of the things you girls voted for was more make up & hair tutorials, 
So I've decided to start a new feature weekly for a while, for girls who love there hair like me and love experimenting with different styles.
Hair Inspiration, 
This video from Boohoo inspired me to do just that, as I love this hair style, its so simple to do and is a twist on the basic plait.

This video is an easy step by step tutorial how to achieve the perfect fish plait, its not easy to do I'll give you that on your own hair but pratice does make perfect.
So keep at it :)

This style is perfect for festivals, BBQ's, drinks with your friends or just a normal everyday hairstyle,
Its easy - once you know how to do it, effortless and looks girlie.
If you've got short hair not to worry, you can probably achieve this if your hair is long enough, and extensions are perfect for giving you a helping hand at adding length,

I thought I'd give this a go myself, the backcombing bit was a no go, my hairs that think and heavy it just tends to fall out, but i still managed it, the pieces of hair that can't quite reach can be curled loosely for a simple boohoo look.

What do you girls think of this look?
Is it something you'd love to give a go??

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