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Project Perfect ♥

So i first came across this post on my gorgeous friend Rachel Crawford's blog, and i loved it, 
The idea was originally from Amy's Blog, she made this project related to body image and how we see ourselves, you can see her project "Project Perfect" here and the post she also did on her own body image, There both gorgeous girls, and seeing other peoples posts is a great idea to see we are not all alone when it comes to outlining our negatives, and how we see ourselves but others don't and we can all learn to I love ourselves rather than putting yourself down, 
I love that Amy makes you list negatives which can be turned into positives, you can all join in on this project and link back to Amy's blog so she can see yours,
I wanted to join in also, my post is below,

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.

2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.

3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

So, here is my Project Perfect post:

A photo of myself that I really like.

I picked this picture as i just think its a really natural normal day to day picture of me, its a picture that hasn't been retouched, only darkened as it was quite bright,
I like this picture because I look genuinely happy, I was having a really nice day that day, the sun was out and it was lovely and warm, this dress is one of my favourites as it flatters my skin tone and body shape and i love the colour of my lipstick and my long hair, 

Three things that I don't like about myself, but turned into positives:

My middle half, i tend to put weight on this part of my body more than anywhere, its in my genes sadly, I'm a 10, sometimes and 8 (i think thats just generous shop sizing) now, i used to be a 12/14 on this part of my body as i do watch what i eat now and do have to diet when i see the pounds going back on, but I do wish i could be more toned, but I've got to stick with what god created, my friends and my fiance tell me they love my body shape as I look more womanly - even though i hate that word,

My teeth are my biggest put down, I can't smile open mouthed as my top 4 teeth stick out more than they should and I hate my side view, I'm getting this fixed at the minute so that will be turned into a positive shortly, I'm told i have a lovely smile still despite the fact its a closed one, but being able to smile is better than not being able to smile at all.

My thick hair, i have far to much of it, and its a pain to dry in the morning, and takes the longest to maintain than anything else, i have to wash it every 2 days as it gets greasy quite quick also, I wish it was easier to put up, but any style is just hard to do as my hairs to heavy and it falls out, 
It just has no style so most of the time i resort to the easy straight down look,
I know people would kill for thick hair but trust me I'd trade places with anyone who has lovely thin straight hair that they can style really easily.

Three things that I like about myself:

My eyes - I think are my best asset, there hazel with hints of blue round the outside, I love the colour,  and enhancing them with eyeliner and false eyelashes, and there one of my fiances favorite feature about me so he tells me,

My legs - I'm lucky to have long legs (these are the good part of my genes) they seem to be longer than any part of my body and are always toned as i do lots of walking,
I make the most of them and wear lots of dresses or short shorts when the weathers lovely,

My Tan - I can tan in literally 5 minutes, (from my dad) which is perfect when I'm out in the sun or on holiday, i go a lovely shade of brown quite quickly, which means there's never any need for fake tan as i have a lovely glow all year round,

If you liked reading this, you should take part and let Amy know, her aim to hopefully make one person feel better about themselves, and just know beauty isn't always on the outside, there's no such thing as perfect and half the pictures you see in magazines aren't 100% real, so embrace all the positive features about yourself and make the most of them.


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