Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Fur Baby - Jimjam ♥

I saw this idea on You Are My Color Blog and i just had to do a post on my babies, as I do love talking about my pets

Not many people love pets, partly because they either have a phobia, are allergic or maybe just not interested,
But i think pets are a good way to have a responsibly, especially if you like the idea of having something who is dependent on you and wants to looked after and loved.

I'm not as maternal as some people are, don't get me wrong, i love babies, and fall in love with the idea of being a mum one day,

I've grown up with pets all my life which is partly the reason i could never be without one, they bring so much joy to your life,

The most important fur baby I've had in my life recently,

 Jimjam was, me and my fiances first pet together, 
since its always me cleaning out his littler tray, i think i know exactly who will be changing nappies one day - ME,

We were living together a year before we decided to get a pet, its a big responsibility, you have to take into account its an extra mouth to feed, insure monthly incase they get ill, pay for vaccinations, £60 a year, and sacrifice getting something ruined.
Luckily Jimjam has only happened to like chewing earphones, particularly the expensive ipod one's,

Anyway i love ginger and white cats, they just remind me of my oliver who i'd had since i was 6 who i had to get put down in Oct last year,

It was like fate though, just as we decided to get a kitten, a friend of mine had took in a stray and she had 4 kittens, ginger and white and the only boy ended up being mine,

 We had to wait a few weeks before we could get him as we were going to Florida for two weeks firstly and he was to young to leave his mum, so we went up to visit him and pay for him, when he was about 9 weeks old, i fell in love with him soon as i saw him even more, he was causing choas with his sisters, and was so wriggly , it was hard work getting hold of him, how i managed to get him to pose for this piccy i'll never know.

We couldn't wait to get him when we got home and picked him up the day we got back in the morning, yep we were a little excited to have him, he spent his first night sleeping at the top of my head on my pillow, he was such a good kitten, he didn't ruin a single thing, he was just a little terror when it came to flying around the horse like scooby doo and getting us in trouble with out silly old neighbors below us.

He's now about 1 year and 8 months and i could not imagine my life without him, he's such a friendly kitty cat, who brings so much joy in our life, he loves cuddles, not many cats enjoy being picked up and petted but he loves it, he has this one dog that he's had since a kitten that he insists comes everywhere with him, even to bed, you might be reading this and think i'm being crazy but i have a video to prove it, check it out at the bottom.
Maybe one day in the future we may get him a little friend to play with, I've got my heart set on a pug, i've always wanted a cat and a small dog.
But for now we'll stick with this little terror who spends most of his days sleeping.
Cats are so lazy,

If anyone else wants to do a post like this please link me :)

My video as promised,


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