Friday, 10 February 2012

Be My Valentine ♥

I've been saving this post for a little bit so I could wait till nearer to Valentines day, 
I was sent one of these brushes, which i absolutely fell in love with, 
Any girlie girls will love these,
I've used Denman hairbrushes for as long as i can remember, my mum used to use one my hair as a little girl, 
and in my honest opinion are the only brushes that don't yank out my hair,
As us long haired girls know the longer it is the knottier it gets,

Press Release * Not my words

*The Denman D3 Kiss Brushes available in saucy red, sexy black and romantic pink complete with kiss lip prints, the perfect valentine memento.

Not only is this fab brush a romantic way to show you, you love her, it comes with all the gizmo's of the 'famous Denman half-round'  and an anti-static rubber pad to provide maximum grip and control during blow-drying when she smoothes, shapes and polishes the hair. 
Use it and she will feel beautiful enough to kiss every day.*

So in other words, show your boyfriend, or your other half, and get him to head staright over to Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis, Sainsbury's or Independent Chemists to get his hands on one for £7.31,
and tell him its a future investment,
Also you can buy from the website -

I thought I'd give you a closer look, some of you may be thinking its just a brush, 
But its not just any brush, perfect for combing through your hair when its wet, no knots or tangles you get with some ordinary brushes, and the wide bristles are perfect for all of that,
And if your blow dry your hair, these are fab to use, most hairdressers you'll find use them on your hair, I use mine to blow dry my hair so i don't get any static or frizz,
Its just an ordinary picture of me, but this is my nice shiny smooth static free hair after styling with this brush.

And because its valentines day you have even more of an excuse to buy one :)

So Denman hairbrushes, who else uses them??

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