Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shining High So Bright, Spreading Precious Light ♥

This is a rather depressing post to some, but i just wanted to take 5 minutes to write this, 
Thank you for all your lovely comments, it means so much when people are so thoughtful,

 Today is the second year anniversary of the day i lost my mum and my whole world changed forever,
My dad who's on holiday at the minute in Gran Canaria (somewhere my parents always loved going over Christmas & New Year) threw a rose in the sea in memory of my mum,
Since this place was where I lost my mum, its nice that she can be remembered in a place where she loved to be, 
In memory of my mum, who I love from the bottom of my heart,
She gave birth to me, looked after me, and always loved me no matter what, 
I always hope that even if i do make a few wrong turns she's looking down on me and I'm making her proud in some way,
I love you mum, and one day we will meet again


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