Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Realistic New Years Resolutions ♥

I wanted to split this post up and my last one since i know people hate reading essays and i have such a bad habit of writing to much,

So lets get realistic, 

12 Goals I Hope To Achieve This Year,

♥ Tone Up, you'll read in my last post I've lost weight over a space of a year, this year will be all about toning up the tops of my legs, my tummy, and my arms, I've realised I'm going to be 25 next year, that's scary and I'm not even 24 yet, arrrgh!!!
I'd love a body like this girl, I am not interested in being any smaller than i am, i like having curves in all the right places like this gorgeous lady does,

♥ Volunteering - I have a day in the week and a whole weekend free so I really want to do some volunteering somewhere, preferably an animal shelter, I've already applied at a local one and I'm awaiting a reply, damn these bank holidays, and since I'm studying to be a veterinary nurse this would be a fab opportunity,

♥ Pass my driving test, its no big secret I'm booked in for the 4th resit of my driving test, 2012 will be the year I pass, I can feel it, its just literly in finger reach and I will not give up

♥ Meet more of you lovely bloggers in the future, one gorgeous girl i have met last year, Rachel Cocking, I still really want to meet, so this year will be the year, we finally have a good old natter in person, and of course re meet with my other favourite girlie's,

♥ Open that savings account that my fiance actually said he was going to open for us when we get back from our holiday this month, "his words not mine" We've been engaged for over a year now and a wedding next year will most possibly 80% be on the cards if we save together :)

♥ Try on a wedding dress, my god, i can not wait to do this, its never been a huge dream of mine but as soon as that ring was popped on my finger I've already decided what dress i want, now i need to get a feel of an actual dress and try one on and who knows even buy it,
I'll work on my dad to help with this purchase ;)

♥ Move to a bigger place, me and my fiance live in a flat at the minute, and we've never had the opportunity to look about properly, the first time we got a place we wanted to get in somewhere before Xmas, and the second time round we had a month to find somewhere new, so a two bedroom house with a pretty garden would be perfect,

♥ Have a perfect smile, one of my biggest hang ups as i got bullied in school for it and the reason you never see me smile properly on pictures, i refused to wear a brace in school, my fault, but i am working on getting work done this month to get that perfect smile, and straighter teeth without the need of a brace, after all I do want to look perfect for my big day :D
(I'll show you this when my transformation is complete)

♥ Visit lots of new places, I always regret not making the most of all the nice weather and when its all dreary like this i always think i should of gone more places in the summer, so this year will be all about more road trips with the fiance,
I really want to visit Scotland, 
(If anyone can recommend anywhere nice, that would be lovely)

♥ Complete my Veterinary Home Learning Course & get that qualification - quite achievable since I've got about 4 modules to go over, but once i have that qualification there's no stopping me,

♥ Have more nights out and spend more time with my friends, I'm quite a solitary person and love my own space, some people hate being on my own, i love it, probably the good thing that came from being an only child, i need to stop being as selfish and offer more of my time to the people who need it,

♥ Finally of course to make this year of blogging better than last year, its almost been a year - end of next month to be precise, and I've gained nearly 600 lovely people who actually read my blog, who would of thought people actually read what i waffle on about lol,

So there are my realistic goals i hope to achieve some of this year, if you have any of your own please link me I'd love to read yours :)


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