Monday, 30 January 2012

Project 365: #007 Don't Tell The Bride ♥

I could watch re runs of this show all day long, not only do I love the groom totally screwing a wedding up and seeing the bride's face when she hates her dress - a bit mean i know really, but i love it,

Tonight was spent with my long awaited catch up with my bestest and chief bridesmaid, we watched two episodes while we endlessly bitched about the groom.
One thing i would not be letting my fiance plan would be a wedding, he can't even pick me anything out in the right size, 
Maybe we should give men a little bit of credit as some can pull of a pretty good wedding, like Tony did tonight in Tony & Pippa's wedding, although I'd be fuming if i had £150 spent on my hen do in England, when he swanned of to Amsterdam with his mates.
Errrr nope.
They really need to create a show to see what the bride says when she plays back the show after they've got married, now that would be entertainment.

My favourite bit of the show really has to be the actual wedding which ends up with me blubbing when the big days finally here and its actually a really beautiful wedding.

One of my favourite episodes was Jonny & Ayca, if you watch this show you'll remember this one,
it had me blubbing as it was just so beautiful, and how my wedding day would probably go,

fancy a bit of soppiness watch it here :)


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