Sunday, 29 January 2012

Project 365: #006 The Art Of Quilting & My Geeky Side ♥

This is a guilty pleasure of mine and not many people know I'm into cross stitching, knitting and painting, its my geeky side not all people get to learn about unless your reading this page.
I love being creative and making my own items,

Recently theres been an advert on television advertising this, where you get a magazine weekly, that gives you tips and ideas for things to make, and at the same time you get to create this stunning quilt.
I like to be creative, so while there may be 1000 other people also collecting this, I'll be learning something new, while making this fab quilt below, that will be so unique you won't find one in the shop like it :)

Its pricey at £3.99 a week i suppose, but how may people waste that a week on magazines anyway,
with this you'll have something to show while learning something new,
 I'll keep you updated on this and show you any fab things i do make :)

Just in case anyone sees this and thinks ohhhhhh, here's the site link if you want a browse,

What's your geeky side??

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