Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Glitter Tips ♥

I thought a bit of nail therapy would be good for my mood and give me abit of a boost since Christmas is now and truly over and my bank balance is nearing zero all over again,
and of course for the perfect reason, I've not had acrylics since March last year,
I should not have been spending any money but ended up doing that anyway, never mind,
I go away in 2 days now so wanted something pretty that sparkled so i chose pink glitter originally but they'd ran out, so i resorted to my second favourite colour, purple,
I love them, there so sparkly and pretty,

There nothing better to make a girl happy than sparkly nails :)
What do you think?
Is anyone else a fan of glitter tips like mine?

This will be my last post before I go away so i won't be here for over a week, so if anyone new clicks the follow button, say hello and pop your blog address below so i can follow you back :)
I've got some exciting new things to show you when I'm back and its almost my blog birthday so giveaway time, keep your eyes peeled.

Lots Of Love


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