Saturday, 28 January 2012

Holiday Purchases ♥

This post is a little delayed since its been nearly two weeks since i got home,
I bought a few things while I was away,

I'm a huge lover of Chanel, shame I could never afford a real chanel quilted bag, 
(well i could if i saved for a few years)
& i always come home with a Chanel imitation, since there such a great price 10 euros this little quilted number cost me, and i love the grey neutral shade, this will be my Spring/Summer bag :)

I also love earrings, like most of you girls, i love collecting stud earrings, so i got some matching Chanel Diamante ones for 8 euros, they look so classy and they'll never know if they are real or not,

& finally i bought these two gorgeous bracelets, I really want a real Pandora bracelet, sadly my fiance still hasn't got the hint YET!
for now i will have to do with these......
6 euros a piece,

excuse the lighting, the glass beads were purple and baby pink but the colours not quite picked up.

Do any of you bloggers always pick up that certain something when you go away?


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