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Happy New Year - Looking back ♥

Happy New Year to my followers,
I hope you all had a fantastic New Years, where ever you were in the world & 
If you were spending it with friends or family, 
My first year blogging has been amazing, not only have i met lots of new amazing people I have also made some friends for life, these lovely ladies are Rachel Crawford, Rachel Cocking and Georgina Balmer,
I hope I get to meet lots more amazing girlie's in the future and plan to make 2012, better than last.
Here's a fun little post you could all join in

11 Highlights Of 2011

♥ Joining blogger, I don't know where this place has been all my life, I've made some lovely friends, met lots of new people, had a blogger meet up, and got to read about new products I wouldn't of normally gotten to read about,
Here's to a lot more of this in the new year,

♥ Being a Mini Blogger for More! Magazine, I love writing and it was a great opportunity to have my voice heard by lots of other people.

♥ Reaching my goal weight, everyone knows how it feels to be comfortable in your own skin, I was unhappy being size 12 this time last year due to just pigging out constantly on junk food, and i just didn't feel comfortable in my body, I made the right step, ate healthily and exercised and lost over a stone and a half, taking me from a size 12 to a size 8,
I had a photoshoot done later this year, its always nice to get pictures taken for a confidence boost,

♥ Going on holiday to the Maldives, it was a big achievement of mine since it was on my places to visit before I died list, and of course before all them beautiful islands disappear, and it was AMAZING,

♥ I ditched the hair extensions, I hated having short hair, so this year has definitely been about growing my hair as long as I could, and its now at the length i love, I'm not getting it chopped off anytime soon, ohhh noo,

♥ Not being a doormat, a few of my friends were walking all over me, so I did the decent thing and cut them out my life who needs people who make you miserable, and a few of these have been replaced by even more amazing people, and of course you can always count on the friends who despite everything stay in your life no matter what life throws at you,

♥ I got a new sofa, a few of you my be thinking that's not an achievement, trust me it was, after 2 years of living together, it was quite a big step to actually get my fiance to walk into DFS and buy a brand new sofa together, any couple will know this an be quite a big thing when your living together,

♥ I quit biting my nails, always a really dirty habit of mine but with my growing collection of nail polishes  can now go without biting my pretty nails.

♥ I went snorkeling this year on holiday, something I was always to frightened to do since I can't swim despite all the scary fish that were lurking in them waters, and it was amazing, i never realised how pretty fish are below them waters, I even saw pink fish,

♥ Becoming a better cook, if you'd me to cook something last year, it would of been a sizzling mess, being all domesticated has defiantly paid off,

♥ Actually going in for my driving test and believing in myself (sort off) anyone who has been in for there driving test will be able to relate, its the scariest feeling you will ever have, I've not experienced child birth yet so that may be worse, i didn't pass, or the 3 times in total I've took it,
I've kept it a secret from a lot of people, as its not something I'm proud off, but 2012 will be the year I'll pass I know it and I'll get my cream mini cooper :)

I have lots of goals for 2012 like all of us, whether or not I'll be sticking to them i have no idea,
I hope this year is all about making my dreams come true, and getting what i want out of life.

Thank you to all my followers on here who read my posts and comment
& the ones who have been with me from the start, 


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